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            Green Solutions for Energy Savings

            What's so great about APU systems? Plenty.

            For starters, auxiliary power units (APU) conserve energy and engine wear. By using Thermo King TriPac Auxiliary Heating/Cooling Temperature Management Systems on many of our tractors, we keep our drivers comfortable while saving money — and the environment.

            An auxiliary power unit (APU) provides climate control and electrical power in the truck's sleeper cab and engine block heater during downtime. It also reduces the amount of time that a truck needs to idle.

            APU systems on average, can operate it's climate system on one gallon of diesel fuel per ten hours, compared to truck engines that consume approximately one gallon per hour idling.

            APU systems also:

            • Provide truck engine preheating for easy starts in cold climates
            • Assist truck battery charging with automatic voltage sensing
            • Cool and heat the truck cab for greater driver comfort in all conditions
            • Feature noise-dampening construction for quiet operation
            • Provide automatic start/stop for maximum fuel efficiency
            • Extend truck engine maintenance intervals
            • Reduce wear on truck engines
            • Comply with anti-idle laws
            • Help ABC Transportation provide you with an industry-leading transportation experience